All things are easy to buy for homes and also we want to fix the things as per our choices but the difficult thing is a buying perfect curtains for our short windows to make their look bigger and also match with our room and furniture color. 


As we discuss the curtains so we just do not need good curtains we need to set a curtains rod in the right place. 

In the same way, curtain rods can help you fudge on width, windows shades can help exaggerate height. 


Hand those shades right under the rod for. 

Extends Curtains Rods

If you have narrow windows, here is an awesome solution. Extending the curtains rods around 10 inches on each side of the window and making your drapes around 60% wider than the position of the window they need to cover.


It`s magic that you will be tricking the eye into believing that the window is that much wider. So their easy tricks to look your winder bigger just extend your curtains rods and see the unbelievable magic. 

Go up With Curtains Rods

Do you want to make your short window appear taller? It is so simple to trick your eye into believing that your windows are wider, if you want your windows to look taller place the rod on the top of the window and extend it at least the rod up to 10 inches beyond the windows frame.


When using wall-mounted rods to cover the standard window, you have much flexibility in how high to hang your curtains.

Long Curtains are the Way to Go

There is another way to do for look your windows wider so, it’s easy to buy the long curtains that look your short windows taller and large. 

On the other hand, long curtains would have the same effect on your room as stiletto heels have on a woman’s posture.


The walls would appear higher and leaner, and the whole room would get a facelift.

Texture of the Curtains

When choosing the material for the curtains in your compact apartment, consider how they will be used. If you would like to keep the curtains dawn, go for a material that would let enough sunlight in. 


In case, the curtains should help you achieve privacy and block the view inside your home. 

Just choose the light fabric and light weight material, such as linen. That would be let natural light in. the light will easily pass through such a sheer material. 

Match the Curtains With Your Apartment Colors

After using all the tricks to look your windows wider and taller and make the home look beautiful so it is also important to match the color of the curtain with your apartment color. 

match color curtaisn.jpg

Make sure you buy the curtains and check their quality you must check the color combination with your apartment walls if your walls are in dark colors you do not select the darker colors curtains you need to buy light as your walls are darker. 

Or if your walls color is light so buy the darker tune curtains which looks nicely.