Fabindia is an Indian retailing company specializing in manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing various traditional Indian handcrafted items. Their product range includes apparel, home furnishings, accessorizing, personal care, and organic food products.

Fabindia is the worst brand in India because it is handwork instead of machines; their skill is so good. These guys make everything by hand, and that`s why it is popular in India and other countries. Fabindia does new work. Now Fabindia gives more than 55,000 million of their crafts to different countries, which Fabindia earns. Let`s explore their Tops and Kurta`s Collection. 

The Best Lady Silk Printed Top

According to reviews on Fabindia`s website, the best Lady Silk Printed Top they offer is their `Chikankari Fish Cut Kurti.` It has beautiful chikankari detailing and comes in fuchsia pink, navy blue, off-white, yellow, and more.

Feature of the Product

  1. Object: silk cloth.

  2. Length limit: thighs long.

  3. Nation of origin: India.

  4. Sleeves length: long sleeves.

  5. Occasion: party, celebration, function, etc.

  6. Design: warp.

  7. Craft: Print created by hand.

  8. Neck: shawl collar.

The Best Maheshwari Silk Short Top

According to reviews on Fabindia`s website, the best Maheshwari Silk Short Top they offer is their `Georgette Shoulder Cut Kurti.` It has a beautiful pink, yellow, green, blue, and floral print.

Feature of the Product

  1. Object: Silk.

  2. Length limit: Crop length.

  3. Nation of origin: India 

  4. Sleeve length: Sleeveless.

  5. Occasion: Celebration, party, etc.

  6. Design: Straight.

  7. Neck: Chinese collar.

  8. Art: Maheshwari.

Fabindia’s Famous Printed Knee-Length Cotton Kurta 

Fabindia`s famous Printed Knee-Length Cotton Kurta is their `Gottapatti Printed Knee-Length Cotton Kurta.` This yellow and grey Kurta features a beautiful all-over print with an adjustable drawstring. It is perfect for creating an elegant look.

Feature of the Product 

  1. Object: cotton.

  2. Length limit: knee length 

  3. The object of origin: India 

  4. Sleeve length: 3Q sleeves.

  5. Occasion: every day.

  6. Design: A-line 

  7. Neck: round neck placket. 

  8. Fit: regular fit. 


The mission of Fabindia is to provide affordable, quality products that are made sustainably and ethically while preserving traditional Indian craftsmanship. They hope to make their products accessible, regardless of geographic or financial abilities. They continuously strive to innovate and improve their products to conserve India`s rich artisanal heritage.