Most people prefer to drink carbonated drinks at the dining table. These artificially flavor drinks, which you use to chill out with family or friends, are made from harmful ingredients that lead to diseases such as allergic reactions, chest and stomach pain, and Nausea. So what if we told you there is a way to drink healthy drinks with meals without facing any health issues? Yes, you heard right!

OliPop offers many flavors and drinks to add more taste to your liked food and make it more delicious. In this blog, we will show you their flavors, offer you their ingredients, their fruitful benefits, and more! So stay tuned to get the unveiling of OliPop Flavors.

Unveiling OliPop`s Mission

OliPop is the leading store that provides a variety of flavors that carry around 35–45 calories per can. It is the vision of OliPop to introduce healthy drinks to your gathering and bring you back to a healthy lifestyle. It opens the door to enjoying every chapter of life without compromising health by offering a healthy and tasteful experience.

An Oodles of Flavors That Will Satisfy Your Taste Buds

OliPop understands that every taste is distinctive from others. Some love to drink sweets, and some prefer to have sour drinks. By taking care of all the people`s choices and likenesses, they offer various kinds of flavors that not only satisfy your taste buds but make you feel healthy and light.

OliPop, named Vintage Cola, has introduced a new kind of Soda. It is made from plant fiber, prebiotics, and botanicals, which adds healthy benefits to your daily routine.

Here are the various flavors. Find the perfect match for your meal.

  1. Crisp Apple

  2. Cream Soda

  3. Ginger Ale

  4. Watermelon Lime

  5. Classis Root Bear

  6. Classic Grape

  7. Lemon Lime

  8. Orange Squeeze

  9. Cherry Cola

Are Their Drinks Healthy For Us?

As per the FDA and USDA words, OliPop flavors are healthy for us because the ingredients included in them can minimize the added sugar from our diet. We recommend drinking them once daily to avoid significant issues (1 can).

Ingredient Contain by OliPop`s Flavors

Besides the cheaper sodas full of calories through which you face a terrible impact on your health, All OliPop`s flavor contains non-harmful materials that turn your diet healthy. Here is the list of their ingredients. Please read them and analyze how fruitful the benefits they have.

  1. Cassava Root: Best for supporting gut health by feeding beneficial bacteria.

  2. Chicory Root: An excellent source for getting prebiotic fiber, insulin, and flavonoids.

  3. Jerusalem artichoke: Fully rich with micronutrients that support microbiome health.

  4. Nopal Cactus: Along with minerals and vitamins, it contains smoothing fiber, which keeps our stomach light.

  5. Calendula Flower: The antioxidant in this flower`s petals has to repair digestive issues.

  6. Kudzu Root: It is the best way ingredients are included in their flavors, which better the upset stomach.

  7. Marshmallow Root treats digestive problems like indigestion, reflux, gastroesophageal diseases, and constipation.

The Qualities Which Make Them To Choose

You will experience many benefits after adding OliPop flavors to your food. From night outs with friends to school trips, they will assist you in digesting your meal instantly. It can contain a lot of advantages from the health point of view. Moreover, you will also find some other buying benefits from them.

Value Every Can Contain

  1. These flavors are highly rich in prebiotics and are suitable for fighting infections.

  2. OliPop`s flavor also controls digestive health support.

  3. Only 2-5g of sugar is added to them to make your body healthy.

  4. They are free from gluten and GMOs, which are unhealthy for you.

  5. A 9g of fibers in them regulates blood sugar and boosts your hunger.

Benefits While Purchasing

  1. You can save up to 15% on purchasing them on every order.

  2. You will also get updated whenever OliPop introduces a new flavor.

  3. Access free shipping at all times on all orders.

  4. You have the right to cancel or change your taste at any time.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, to adopt a healthy drinking habit, there is no better option than OliPop flavors. They are full of fruitful benefits and free from another harmful ingredients. So without wasting further time, Buy your favorite flavor and increase the deliciousness of your meal.

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