At Kings Loot, we believe that your perception of yourself is the only barrier between where you are and where you want to be. If you see yourself as a king, you will live like one. We want our clients to experience a royal level of comfort.

When Joshua and his devoted wife, Jessica, started this business in 2019, they sold everything, including their home and savings, and began their journey. Joshua devised the idea for the wallet and made the initial paper prototype. He then bought the leather and a sewing machine from Hobby Lobby. A family handcrafted the original Kings Loot wallet.

This journey is extraordinary because of our ability to take an idea and see it through to completion. After developing the concept in March 2019, Joshua released a full range of goods in September 2019, including the Hybrid, Bifold, and Journey wallet.

3 Best Kings Loot Magsafe Wallets

  1. Leather Magsafe iPhone Cases 

  2. MagSafe Kings Back 

  3. MagSafe Tech Pack 

Leather Magsafe iPhone Cases

Meet one of the best leather Magsafe iPhone cases, and this is the best leather case wallet that saves everything. This is available in 4 fantastic colors buckskin, midnight black, classy brown, and executive blue.

This kings Loot Phone Case not only looks fantastic, but it also protects your phone from any damage without sacrificing usability. Match your accessories, wallets, and outfits with the same, and this is high in quality, premium total with the gain leather that we offer with all of Kings Loot products. The best part of this Phone case is that our Lifetime Replacements additionally protect it for utmost assurance. Expertly crafted, wireless charging supported slim profile.

Features of the Products

  1. Premium Full Grain Leather 

  2. Lifetime Replacement 

  3. Microfiber Inner Lining 

MagSafe Kings Back

Meet the best colors of Magsafe kings back, including buckskin, midnight, and classy brown, executive blue. This is the high-quality Magsafe that provides you safety from damaging your phone. MagSafe wallet has everything you want to love about a phone wallet, including our distinctive pull strap for quick and straightforward access. You were explicitly created to magnetically attach to your iPhone 12/13 or Magsafe phone case and hold up to four cards and a few folded bills.

Features of the Product

  1. Premium full leather 

  2. Easy access pull tab

  3. Lifetime replacement

  4. RFID protected 

MagSafe Tech Pack

Kings Loot gives you the best Magsafe phone case called Tech Pack, and this case is available in the best colors buckskin, midnight black, classy brown, and executive blue. The Tech Pack from Kings Loot is the ideal combination for any tech enthusiast. You can go right with the premium full-grain leather Kings Back wallet and Magsafe phone case.

This case is made from the best quality full-grain leather, which is genuinely soft and supple in fabric. This is also durable. It protects your phone from all scratches while it’s still looking great. 

Bottom Line

Kings Loot Magsafe wallets are highly rated for durability and convenience. They are also affordable and come in various stylish designs to suit your needs. Kings Loot Magsafe wallets are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable and convenient wallet that won`t break the bank.