The best store to buy anything related to sports is Liverpool FC, the best store in the world for sporting apparel. Liverpool FC, or Liverpool Football Club, is the name of an English professional football (soccer) team based in Liverpool, England.

The Club has won 19 League Championships, 6 European Cups, and many other trophies to become England`s most successful team. Numerous football legends have played for the Club.

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The Best Collection of Retro Jerseys

There is the best collection that Liverpool showcases of Retro Jersey shirts, the collection of Retro jerseys is super hilted, and these jerseys are soft in fabric, easy to wear, and available in all sizes and colors. Here we listed 3 of the best Retro Jerseys that may have demanded articles. 

  1. LFC Retro Adults 95/96 Away Shirt 

  2. LFC Adults Retro Candy Home Shirt 

  3. LFC Adults Retro 2005 Istanbul Shirt

LFC Retro Adults 95/96 Away Shirt

This LFC Retro Adults 95/96 Away Shirt is one of the parts of our amazing Retro Jerseys. These are super cool jerseys, with features green and white shirts with polo collar details throughout, vertical stripes detailing a sizable retro LFC crest with the colors black, white, and green Carlsberg logo across the center, and black shoulder stripes.

Product Features: 

Material: 100% Polyester 

Product Code: A22hs04

Colors: Green and White 

Sizes: All Available 

LFC Adults Retro Candy Home Shirt

LFC Adults Retro Candy Home Shirt is a 100% original polyester shirt available with the amazing eye-catching color red and white. When Liverpool won the championship in the 1989–1990 seasons under manager Kenny Dalglish, this LFC classic Candy home shirt was worn. The 9-0 victory over Crystal Palace, in which Aldridge scored his final goal for the team, was one of the season`s high points. Hansen, Barnes, Marsh, Aldridge, Whelan, and Nicol are just a few of the legendary players who have donned this shirt; the LFC Museum`s original components.

Feature of the Product:

Colors: Red and White 

Material: Polyester

Sizes: All Available 

Product Code: A13346

LFC Adults Retro 2005 Istanbul Shirt

This LFC Adult Retro 2005 Istanbul Shirt is one of the best shirts by Liverpool FC and is a replica of the famous LFC champions League 2005 Victory.

A red top with geometric patterns, European Champions Istanbul 2005 embroidered badge with the LFC crest and five stars in gold. Carlsberg is the sponsor.

Features of the Products:

Colors: Pure Red

Product Code: A13342 

Sizes: All Available 

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