is a company based in the United Kingdom that offers a wide range of products and services, such as beauty, well-being, lifestyle products, and custom-made home and business solutions. They strive to provide the highest quality products and services to their customers. 

The mission of is to make it easy for everyone to find and enjoy their perfect home, lifestyle, and business solution. They strive to provide high-quality products and services at competitive prices while helping customers feel more fulfilled and secure in their decisions.

Two Wests and Elliott UK were founded in 1975 by Michael and Christopher West to provide gardeners with high-quality horticultural supplies. They have since grown to become one of the UK`s leading online retailers and are now a trusted source for a wide range of gardening products, tools, and accessories.

The Largest Selection of Greenhouse and Gardening Supplies Available

Two Wests and Elliott UK offer the broadest range of greenhouse and gardening products available in the UK, with more than 10,000 items ranging from tools and accessories, to unique items such as plants and bulbs. They also provide expert advice and customer service to ensure their customers get the best out of their gardens.

Three Best Fruit Cages

  1. Fruit cage door 

  2. Heavy duty fruit cage

  3. Fruit cage waist rail 

  • Fruit Cage Door

The Fruit Cage Door at Two Wests and Elliott UK is a secure and easy-to-use access point to your fruit cage. It features a secure three-point latch system and provides a convenient, weather-proof access point for fruit harvesting.

Specification of the Product

  1. Dimension: 6ft (183cm) high door x 3ft (92cm) wide for easy access.

  2. Opens in or out 

  3. Maintenance free 

  4. Quick and easy assembly 

  5. Position where you want

  • Heavy Duty Fruit Cage

Two Wests and Elliott UK offer a wide range of heavy-duty fruit cages for purchase online. These heavy-duty fruit cages can help protect your produce from birds, wildlife, and pests. They are manufactured from only the highest quality materials and come in various sizes to suit any garden.

Features of the Product

The features of the Heavy Duty Fruit Cage from Two Wests and Elliott UK include:

  1. An easy-to-assemble design.

  2. Galvanized steel frame.

  3. Strong meshes panels.

  4. Adjustable feet.

  5. A reliable locking system.

They are UV-protected and rust-resistant and come with a 10-year guarantee.

  • Fruit Cage Waist Rail

Two Wests and Elliott UK offer a fruit cage waist rail designed to help strengthen the edges of your fruit cages. This product comes in galvanized metal and plastic varieties and is 4 meters long. It helps to ensure that your fruit cages remain firm and secure.

Features of the Product

The Fruit Cage Waist Rail features from Two Wests and Elliott UK include:

  1. A galvanized metal frame.

  2. Adjustable feet for easy installation.

  3. Strong meshes panels.

  4. UV-protected coating.

  5. Rust-resistant properties.

  6. Colors: mill finish, green 

  7. Length available: 4ft / 122cm or 6ft / 183cm

It also comes with a 10-year guarantee.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line of Two Wests and Elliott UK is to provide quality horticultural and gardening supplies to customers in the UK and worldwide. They provide top-of-the-line tools, products, plants, and seeds backed by a 10-year guarantee. They strive to ensure customers can access the products they need to create beautiful gardens.