When it comes to planning the perfect holiday getaway where relaxation is paramount and every detail is taken care of, few options compare to a cruise. Cruising offers the ultimate opportunity to explore multiple destinations in one journey, allowing you to awaken to new adventures each morning without the hassle of unpacking multiple times. One of the greatest advantages of cruising is the freedom from booking numerous hotels, instead, you can tailor your voyage to include the captivating destinations that spark your imagination. 


For an unforgettable vacation experience with your family and loved ones, Hurtigruten stands out as the premier choice for cruises. Leading the travel industry towards a greener future, Hurtigruten is dedicated to caring for its guests, wildlife, nature, and the communities it visits. Setting a new standard of sustainability, this platform offers mindful adventurers the chance to explore the world`s most awe-inspiring places with eco-conscious practices.

Explore Cruises by Hurtigruten 

Here you can explore some of the best cruises by Hurtigruten, with comfortable, purpose-built ships, to change the way you see the world.

Southern Scandinavia Archipelagos, Fjords, and Quaint Fishing?Towns

Embark on a journey from Dover to Southern Scandinavia, unveiling the charm of picturesque landscapes and coastal treasures. 


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Scandinavian Charms: 


Explore idyllic seaside towns, serene fishing villages, captivating archipelagos, and enchanting waterways on a summer expedition cruise through the coastal hideaways of northern Europe, starting from Dover. 


Norwegian Marvels: 


Oslo beckons with its urban allure after traversing Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. Then, venture into the pristine fjords of Norway`s breathtaking southern coast. Led by our Expedition Team, immerse yourself in the region`s natural wonders, whether by bike, kayak, or small boat (RIB), for an unforgettable experience.


Departure Date: June 13, 2024


Duration: 7 days 


Ship: MS Maud


Practical Information to Know


  • It collaborates with top health and safety experts to ensure the well-being of our guests, employees, and the communities we visit. Comprehensive protocols are implemented across our expedition fleet to guarantee a secure journey.

  • Pack essential items such as clothes and accessories to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

  • Before embarking on your journey, familiarize yourself with the travel regulations applicable to your destination. It`s essential to obtain all necessary documents beforehand as it is your responsibility.


Book Southern Scandinavia Archipelagos, Fjords, and Quaint Fishing?Towns priced at $7,821.

Galápagos Islands Nature and Wildlife Expedition Cruise (Northern Route)

Discover the unparalleled natural wonders of the Galápagos Islands. Encounter the unique wildlife, including giant tortoises, marine iguanas, Nazca Boobies, and Darwin’s Finches. Gain insights into these extraordinary islands and Charles Darwin’s research with guidance from the expert Expedition Team, featuring knowledgeable local naturalist guides.


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Setting out from beautiful Quito:


Quito, one of South America’s most captivating capitals, is a World Heritage City renowned for its elegant Spanish-era architecture. The city is filled with cozy restaurants and artisanal shops. During your two-night stay, you`ll have ample opportunity to savor delectable Ecuadorian specialties and explore vibrant markets overflowing with local handicrafts. On the second day, you`ll enjoy a guided tour of Quito`s historic center.


Awe-inspiring Galápagos Islands: 


Next, you’ll embark on a voyage to the uniquely captivating Galápagos Islands, visiting Santiago, Rábida, Bartolomé, Genovesa, and Santa Cruz. These islands offer stunning landscapes that host diverse ecosystems, where you can encounter iconic wildlife like marine iguanas, giant tortoises, Nazca Boobies, and Darwin’s Finches. This active cruise, guided by an onboard Expedition Team of local experts, allows you to explore these natural wonders up close using small panga boats, kayaks, and glass-bottom boats.


Departure Dates: 44 departures between June 2024 and March 2026 


Duration: 7 days 


Ship: MS Santa Cruz II


Practical Information


  • It partners with leading health and safety experts to prioritize the safety of guests, employees, and communities to implement comprehensive protocols across our expedition fleet.

  • Pack several things that are necessary like clothes and accessories.

  • Before your trip, ensure you understand the travel regulations for your destination. It`s your responsibility to obtain all necessary documents


Book Galápagos Islands Nature and Wildlife Expedition Cruise (Northern Route) priced at $5,225.

Alaska and British Columbia Wilderness, Glaciers, and Culture (Southbound)

Embark on a remarkable 13-day expedition cruise from Seward to Vancouver, immersing yourself in the untamed beauty of Alaska and British Columbia. 


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Captivating Landscapes


Journey through fjords, glaciers, and lush rainforests as we navigate via Sitka and Canada’s Inside Passage. Explore towns steeped in Indigenous, Russian, and Gold Rush-era history, offering unique insights into the region`s heritage. 


Wildlife Encounters 


Prepare for unforgettable wildlife sightings as we traverse Alaska and Canada. Keep watch for soaring eagles, lumbering bears, and playful sea otters, while also catching glimpses of bison, musk oxen, and elk. Don`t miss the opportunity to cruise through legendary Point Adolphus, renowned for its abundance of humpback whales drawn to its nutrient-rich waters.


Departure Dates: 3 departures between Jun 2024 and Jun 2025 


Duration: 13 days 


Ship: MS Roald Amundsen


Practical Information


  • Rest assured, it prioritizes the safety of our guests, employees, and the communities we visit by collaborating with leading health and safety experts. The expedition fleet adheres to comprehensive protocols to ensure a secure journey.

  • Don`t forget to pack essential items like clothing and accessories to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

  • Before setting off, take the time to understand the travel regulations specific to your destination. Remember, obtaining all necessary documents is your responsibility, so plan to avoid any last-minute hassles.


Book Alaska and British Columbia Wilderness, Glaciers, and Culture (Southbound) priced at $5,106.


These were the cruises from Hurtigruten, that offer sustainability and guest satisfaction. You can embark on mindful adventures to the world`s most awe-inspiring places with comfortable, purpose-built ships. All these cruises waiting to fulfill your wanderlust. Book your unforgettable journey today and enjoy fun and adventure.

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